Julien Strasfeld

Multimedia Support Coordinator

Phone: 902-567-0336 x5506

Email: moc.plehnoitantsrif@neiluj


Multimedia Support Coordinator Julien Strasfeld (BA) specializes in technology education and integration and is a photographer and filmmaker. He has previously worked as the Digital Media Specialist for the Chignecto-Central Virtual School and Technician and Sales representative at Laurier Computers in Ottawa.

A skateboarder for over two decades, Julien promotes the benefits of skateboarding though local community advocacy and youth mentorship. In 2018, Julien co-founded Wild Town, a non-profit land-based healing and food education organization. Julien lives in New Waterford, Unama’ki where he volunteers at the local community garden, bakes sourdough bread, raises chickens, and keeps honeybees.