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Alwyn Jeddore

Mi'kmaw Language Consultant

Phone: 902-567-0336 x5629

Email: ac.unik@nywla


My name is Alwyn Victor Jeddore and I am the son of Allan and Vivian Jeddore. I am married to  Conchetta Jeddore and we have 3 beautiful children; Rylan, Lila, and our newest addition, our baby boy Khai. My grandparents were the late Wilfred Prosper, Mary Rita Toney and Lawrence Toney. My last living grandparent is my mom Bessie Prosper who is 87 years young. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother Chastity, Alaina and Allan who all reside in Eskasoni with their own families. I have numerous nieces and nephews who I am very proud of. I was born and raised in Eskasoni First Nation and later moved to Sydney after meeting my better half after high school.

I grew up in a fluent Mi’kmaw speaking home. I was always surrounded by the language no matter which of my family members I would see or spend time with. I took an interest in the Mi’kmaw language after our son Rylan was born and realized that, since we were living in Sydney, that I’d be his only way to ever learn or hear the language. I took it upon myself to continue learning and to learn more and more each passing day. Eventually, my learning and wanting to pass on the language to my children became a passion that I never thought would take me places. Our language is absolutely priceless and it is a gift that I love to share when given the opportunity to.

I am the Mi’kmaw Language Consultant at Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey and prior to working here, I worked at Membertou school.