School News


Students in Grades 8 and 9 had guests in from Guardian Fisheries (Matt Maloney, Brandon Maloney & John Peter-Paul),who did a presentation on the various different types of trapping the Mi’kmaq people use.

The Guardian Fisheries crew took the classes out to set up a beaver trap, bobcat trap and the students set up their own rabbit snares. During class time, students learned the Mi’kmaq words for the following:

  • snare (trap) – Na’puktaqn
  • to set a trap – Na’puktaqnikemk
  • set (a trap) – Ilsaqa’tu
  • hunt – ketanteket
  • beaver – kopit
  • Bobcat – Pqajue’wj
  • Rabbit – apli’kmuj

Pictou Landing

Students in the Grade 5/6 class decided to do a comparison between their new and old schools. They have submitted the following for our monthly newsletter:

Pictou Landing First Nation just got a new school built for the students and teachers. There are many things that are still the same in the new school, however, there are more differences. We will be explaining some examples of similarities and differences between the old school and the new school.

One thing that is alike in the old and new school is we have the same teachers teaching us. This means that our teachers didn’t change. Another thing the schools have in common is we still have desks and tables to do our work on. We still do homeworkopoly in the new school the same as we did in the old school. Like the old school, our new school still has bean bag chairs in our classroom, and we are able to use them for the same purpose. The last similarity is both schools have the same grade level classes.

Unlike the old school, our new one has a library. We have a separate space to store and read books other than our classroom. The new school differs from the old school because we have a staff room for the teachers to lounge during breaks in the new one now. In our old school we had water jugs and cups in our classrooms, on the other hand, in our new school we have water fountains in the hallways. The water fountains also have a water bottle fill up station. Even though we didn’t have a student lounge area in our old school, we have one now in our new school. We can hang out in our pods or in the learning commons. Lastly, our new school is unlike the old school because we have lockers for our pod instead of coat hooks.

To wrap it up, our new school has many new features for us to enjoy. Even though we liked our old school, we love our new one more. Our favourite parts of the new school are the student lounge area and lockers.

By: PLFN School Grade 5/6 students


We’koqma’q students had a blast during winter carnival week! They had camo day, crazy hair day, ski trips and ice fishing to name a few of their action packed days during the week.