Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Department Updates

Student Services

Our Student Services Consultant Janean Marshall held a mask making workshop with high school students in We’koqma’q this month. The workshop took place over 2 days and students from grades 9-12 had a chance to take part. The students caught on to using their new sewing machines very quickly and really enjoyed the day.


2020 has been a stressful year for so many people. Our teachers have been working extra hard to support our students both in school and online. Our Wellness Consultant, Rebeca Scirocco wanted to show all of our educators how much they are truly appreciated. During the month of November she was busy this month delivering wellness bags to all of our teachers and smudge kits to all of our schools. The wellness bags included some tea, a new mug, some candy, hand sanitizer and small gift. It is just a small token of appreciation for our hard working school staff.


Kim Mackinnon, our Technology Coach, has released a Technology Incentive Program geared towards getting the technology K-8 teachers want in their classrooms. All they have to do is complete some tasks with points values and cash in their points for tech rewards. These are the instructions all teachers received:

We also provided a 6 week Apple Learning Academy on Digital Storytelling, 15 teachers participated in a weekly evening session. They learned how to create video in different forms with different apps. Teachers took their learning into the classroom weekly and created videos for homework. Some were teacher created and some were created with student input. It was a huge success. We will be providing further Apple Learning Sessions in the new year.
Kim was able to get Brian Buffington to provide a 30 minute session sharing “Buff Nuggets” of simple technology tips teachers could use. All who attended asked if we could get him again and we will be bringing him back in the new year for a longer session.  

A joint collaboration between our Tech department, Student Services and Literacy were able to purchase 40 Scanning pens for struggling readers. We will be distributing them to the schools soon.  To learn more about the pen, you can find some details here:  Scanning Pen

Beverly Jeddore has added several Mi’kmaq Language Christmas Carols to the School and District tab in SeeSaw. It’s a great resource for teachers. Thanks to Angie Stevens for showing her how to share her resources on this platform. 

Healthy Active Living

Normally in November, we host our annual Sports Summit and Sport Award Banquet. Due to the restrictions this year, the summit was held virtually and the Sports Awards were not presented. The summit this year focussed on coaching, community programming, safety in sport and a NAIG update. Although people were discouraged that the event couldn’t take place face to face, the sporting community was happy to be able to see each other online and are really looking forward to seeing each other in the near future.

Mi’kmaw Language

A new 66 page Resource Book was developed by our Mi’kmaw Language Technician Beverly Jeddore, as an extension of the M’’kmaw Verb Flash Cards. The Verb Flash cards were printed two years ago with a “never tear” paper and it was a basic conjugation of the Present Indicative for 1 person
1.  Ni’n                mijisi
2.  Ki’l                mijisin
3.  Nekm        mijisit

With this resource book you can expand your language with Present, Past and Future Indicatives with conjugations for 1 person, 2 people and 3 or more people.

The Resource book is coiled and printed on stock paper to ensure durability.  It has a table of contents and a glossary guide. It is also colour coded in the present, past and future tense
You will also find a picture that matches the flash cards so that teachers and learners can easily refer back to the original flash cards/or resource book.


During the month of November our ECE Consultant coordinated 2 Professional Development Days. The first workshop was on November 7, 2020  from 9 am – 12 noon on Assessment on Quality Improvement (AQI) and we had 55 educators. It was a three hour session that was facilitated by Krista Wardrope, Communication Disorders Technical & Child and Youth Advisor, from the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq. It was a great success and the participants found it very interesting and informative. 

The second workshop was on November 14, 2020 on Zoo Phonics facilitated by Helen Bernard-Ward, Jordan’s Principle Aboriginal Support Child Development Coordinator & Mi’kmaq Family Support, North Shore Micmac District Council. We had 58 educators that participated in this 2 hour session. It was enjoyed by the educators and they found it very informative in working with children in the early years.

Our next PD session is scheduled for December 5, 2020 from 10 am – 12 noon on Read Aloud by Barry Wilson, English Language Arts Consultant – Education & Early Childhood Development. This session is for the Kindergarten teachers in the MK communities. Miranda has purchased a book called In Defense of Read-Aloud: Sustaining Best Practice for all teachers to use for this session and in their classrooms. We will have approximately around 15 Kindergarten teachers in this session.