From concept to product – LSK students unveil NAIG podiums

Earlier this year, the organizers of NAIG came to visit our Education Directors and Principals to find ways to encourage all of our youth to become involved in helping to make NAIG 2020 the best games yet. They wanted NAIG to be as inclusive as possible so that even the people who are not competing in sport can see themselves as an integral part of the event.

During one of the engagement sessions, it was proposed that students could help design and build the podiums that would be used to honour the medal winners in all sports.

LSK school in Sipekne’katik excitedly took on the task to design and build the podiums. Students in the Skilled Trades 10 and Production Technology 12 courses designed and created the 12 podiums. They eagerly began the project in October and completed them before the end of the semester at the end of January. They began by drawing their design ideas of the podiums and worked with their teachers to create the final product.

“Some of our students discovered talents they did not know they had,” said Kelly Oliver, Principal. “Others students were proud to be able to showcase their known talents. Our students are proud to be a part of the NAIG games and to showcase their work.”

This is the first time there will be podiums at NAIG Games and they were designed and built by our Mi’kmaq youth as a team. Many hours of work and planning went into this production and the final product is better than anyone imagined.

An event was held at the school on February 20th to unveil the podiums. Elder Gary Joseph, blessed the podiums along with the assistance of Educational Assistant, Simon Nevin. Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons, the Chair of the NAIG board was on hand to address the group and congratulate the students on their hard work and successful completion of such an important part of the games. Several parents were also in attendance that day and were so very proud of the work their children put into the project.

To take a look at a video created by the NAIG committee about the project you can visit: