Yoga Teacher Training

Our yoga teachers cohort had a great weekend celebrating the successful completion of their 200 hours of training this month. 17 participants from MK schools started in the fall of 2019 and graduation was supposed to be in June. Sessions that were supposed to be held in the early spring were on hold because of the restrictions on meeting face-to-face. The teachers and yoga instructors got creative and were able to host the sessions through zoom in June and August. The final gathering was held in-person in October from the 16th – 18th.

“Amidst Covid, trying to complete a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program has had some challenges”, explained Janean Marshall, Student Services Consultant. “Nonetheless our teachers adapted, did some training online and finally gathered together in person for our final weekend. Being part of this journey for them is always a rich one but completing this cohort during the pandemic has been quite an accomplishment. As well, bringing in Elder Lottie Johnson was good medicine for all given all our teachers have been through”.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Blair Abbas and Jenny Kierstead of Breathing Space Yoga for their continued support of this amazing program.