We’koq’maq Students present Magit’s Doll at Viewfinders Youth Film Festival

On Wednesday March 30, the Viewfinders Youth Film Festival held a screening of six youth films at the cineplex theatre in Sydney as part of the Atlantic Film Festival. We’koqma’q students created an eleven minute film called Magit’s doll which was part of the screening. In their film, elder Magit Poulette shares her story with students at the We’koqoma’q Mi’kmaw School about her experience at the Shubenacadie Residential School. When she arrived at age four her doll was taken away from her so she created dolls from her cleaning rags. As part of her visit with the students, she demonstrated how she made her dolls and they made their own as well. 

Magit’s doll, and other videos made by We’koqma’q students will be available on YouTube in the coming months. 

Excellent work We’koqma’q!