Third annual Trades Fair provides great opportunity for Aboriginal youth

Over 80 students from across Nova Scotia attended the third annual Aboriginal Youth Trades fair in Halifax from November 11-13.

The activities began on Wednesday evening with a banquet where students listened attentively to Dr Don Julian, a veteran, speak about his career in the military and the importance of Remembrance Day. 

On day two, students were separated into two groups. One group went to First Aid training with Jeff Ward while the other group went to the Trades Hall. The following day, they switched locations so that all students who attended the fair had the opportunity to become certified in First Aid and explore the trades. 

During the evenings, students were entertained by going to the movies, shopping and doing cultural activities such as drum making, beading, and learning about the seven sacred teachings.

“Our Trades Fair was awesome,” said Ann Sylliboy, Post Secondary Consultant. “I look forward to next year!”

The trades fair was made possible through the help of many sponsors; The Province of Nova Scotia, Shell, Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey, the Friendship Centre, Native Council, METS, KMKNO, and the Construction Sector Council.