Taking Learning Outdoors – LSK

With the current Covid restrictions and a lot of our schools using their gymnasiums as extra teaching spaces, schools have had to find creative ways to ensure students are staying active. This month, we will be featuring all of the ways schools have been taking their learning outside. Not only are the students getting fresh air and exercise, but they are also having an opportunity to hear Mi’kmaw spoken on the land and take part in cultural activities as well.


The LSK Staff returned to work on January 4th – January 8th to a week of various PD sessions and getting classrooms ready. Staff were invited to participate in a “starting a fire and Boiling the kettle activity for outdoor education. They had three sessions in total. There was a total of 10 groups who participated and one group joined together to start a fire without any lighters or flint. This group also was able to boil the kettle to make some tea. The winners were Mary Lou Bernard, Carol Howe, Bryan Brooks & Jon Michael.

Mi’kmaw Language classes from Grade 5 to Grade 9 all participated in the LSK Trapping Unit for Rabbit Snaring. The Grade 6 class caught a rabbit and were very proud of it!