Syliboy’s Thundermaker Exhibit Visits McConnell Library

January 6, 2015 marked the opening ceremony of Alan Syliboy’s Thundermaker exhibit at the McConnell Library in Sydney. The exhibit ran for 10 days at the Sydney location and included not only work from the artist, but also showcased artwork created by students from Membertou, Eskasoni and Potlotek. 

The ceremony began with Syliboy joining the Sons of Membertou in a performance of the Honor Song, followed by welcoming remarks offered by Rosalie Gillis from the McConnell Library, and Darren Googoo on behalf of Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey. 

Googoo spoke about the importance of art for our youth in that “art is the medium that gives people voice.” He went on to share that “Alan is an inspiration to our young students. His interpretation of the world shows them that creativity and imagination are important traits to develop.” 

Syliboy spoke to the crowd about the development of Thundermaker as a continuation of the stories of the Stone Canoe and Little Thunder. He also spoke about his new book that will be released later this year.  

“School didn’t work out so well for me but I sure am making up for it by spending all this time in libraries and making books,” laughed Sylliboy. “The exhibit seems to be gaining momentum at each place we go and I am happy that Thundermaker is making camp here for a while.” 

Students from Membertou, Eskasoni and Potlotek had the opportunity to visit the exhibit while it was in Sydney.