Sixth Annual Trades Fair provides hands-on learning opportunities

From November 4 – 6, close to 80 students from across the province attended the 6th annual Trades Fair in Halifax. 

The event began on Sunday evening with a banquet for the students. Trades people were in attendance for the banquet and the students were given an opportunity to sit with them and ask questions about their trades.

On Monday morning, students were separated into two groups. One group went to the Trades Hall to experience hands-on introduction to several trades. The other group remained at the hotel and took part in a workshop with Skills Canada which required students to work in teams and use their problem solving skills. After lunch, the groups switched so that all students had an opportunity to take part in both workshops.

During the day on Tuesday, students attended the Skilled Futures fair at the Halifax Conventions Centre where they took part in several workshops that focused on technology and robotics. They also took part in the Try-a-Trades which allowed them to try many trades including everything from cosmetology to automotive painting.  

“It was another successful Trades Fair”, said Ann Sylliboy, Post Secondary Consultant. “The students really enjoy this event and as always, we wouldn’t be able to put in an event such as this without the help of our sponsors – Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey, Apprenticeship Nova Scotia, Skills Canada, Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council, and Native Council