Red Road Mawio’mi

On Saturday March 20th, the Red Road Project held a Mawio’mi and virtual Powwow. The event, which was held in Halifax for participants who pre-registered, was also open to everyone across the Atlantic Provinces online. They had an amazing lineup of drummers and dancers who participated in person and online.

The event was originally scheduled for February 27th but had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions on gathering sizes.

Spectators were not able to attend the event in person but the entire event was streamed through Facebook live on the Red Road Project page for everyone to view. All Covid protocols were followed and masks were worn at all times, including when dancing.

It was amazing to see so many people connecting through dance and song from all around the Atlantic. Everyone in attendance, whether in person or online, felt their spirits being revived as they connected through the heartbeat of the drum.