Potlotek Jr High Students Learn to Make the Perfect Paddle

Not all math requires pen and paper. That lesson was learned first hand by the grade 7 & 8 class at Mi’kmawey School in Potlotek this spring. Under the direction of their teacher Monica Larade, the students learned many real life math lessons that deepened their understanding of many mathematical concepts. 

They began their paddle making project in the winter by researching different types of paddles. After their research, they chose the type of paddle they wanted to make based on what they wanted to use it for. They started the actual construction of the paddles in the early spring in the hopes of completing the project in enough time to take their own paddles out on a canoe trip before the school year was over. 

“It was very time consuming,” explained Monica Larade, teacher, “but it was worth every minute of it because now they really understand concepts that they struggled with in the past.” 

Students learned about the importance of congruency, measurement, and conversion among other things. 

“It makes sense to me now because I get to actually do it,” said Tyrone Bernard, student. “Now I know the real difference between centimeters and inches and I know that it makes a difference if you measure things wrong.” 

The project was funded through STFX University and was started under the direction of Andrew Foran and Lisa Lunney-Borden. The progress of the project has been recorded and will be displayed at the 2016 Show Me Your Math event.