Online Christmas Concert Contest Winners

Every year we do our Christmas Concert online. We usually do this concert using our video conferencing systems in schools. This year, we weren’t able to have the concert as we usually do so we decided to host the concert through zoom. We had an amazing line-up of talent and the concert was streamed through youtube. We also had a contest on our Facebook page, asking people to like and share the post. The names of everyone who participated in the contest were put in a draw for a chance to win 1 of 30 iPads! The winners of our contest were:

Hilary Elise Maloney

Kaylei Denny

Susan Mellen

Ney Stevens

Kassie Stevens

Daniel J. Dennis

Jolene Clair

Frank Denny

Carol Anne Johnson

Gerard Mooney Francis

Karlee Francis

Nikki Lovesey

Barbie MacRae

Christina Marie Mcdonald

Anne Francine Basque

Shellena Stevens

Ambrah MacNeil

Helen C Stevens

Paulina E Paul

Curtis L. Michael

Cynthia Sewell

Shurenda Michael

Chandelle Paul

Jan Marshall

Mary Hatfield

Bethany Cremo-Oakley

Jamie Young

Keith Macdonald – Mi’kmawey Schoo

lLaura Wrathall – Eskasoni SchoolCongratulations!

Scott Denny