Mi’kmaw Language Update

The Holistic Assessment committee met this month to continue their work on the assessment development process. During their two day planning session, they discussed the possible name for the assessment, designs for the background, and characteristics and names of the characters.

An example of the website design and app was approved and is going to be developed over the coming months. Questions surrounding trouble shooting and support for parents and teachers were addressed. The next planning session will take place at the end of February.

A new initiative that just started this month is teacher visits a teacher. The first official visit took place on January 28 when Curtis Michael went to visit Kattirin Johnson, Grade 4 teacher at the Immersion school. The purpose of the visit is to provide an opportunity for Mi’kmaw Language teachers to visit other Mi’kmaw Language teachers within MK. Teachers are encouraged to share ideas and methods to engage oral language acquisition in the classroom. There will be more visits planned for February.

Strong Nations met this month as well. So far, 40 children books have been translated along with a Teacher Resource guide! A release of the materials and distribution will take place in March 2016.