Mi’kmaw Language and Chief Noel Doucette Award Winners

Each year, Mikmaw Kina’matnewey awards two students from each community and two grade 4 graduates from ESK immersion school with these awards.

Chief Noel Doucette Award

The Chief Noel Doucette award is an award created by the Board of Directors in memory of Chief Noel Doucette, the first Chairperson of Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey and a strong advocate for Mi’kmaw education and the preservation of the Mi’kmaw language and culture. This award goes to a student who does their best to promote and celebrate Mi’kmaw language and culture.

We are pleased to announce this year’s recipients:

Chief Noel Doucette award:

Acadia – Keegan Beazley

Annapolis Valley – Mackenzie Copage

Bear River – Sarah Oakley Harlow-White and John Omri Harlow-White

Eskasoni ABMHS – Emma Stevens Nicholas

Eskasoni ESK – Rhyan Paul

Paqtnkek – John Henry Paulette

Pictou Landing – Leah Enriquez

Potlotek – Kent Denny

Sipekne’katik – Kassidy Augustine

Wagmatcook – Kobe Peck

We’koqma’q – David Martin

Mi’kmaw Language Award

The Mi’kmaw Language Award goes to a student who has the highest mark in their Mi’kmaw language class OR to a student who uses and promotes the use of Mi’kmaw both inside and outside of their class.

The award recipients of the Mi’kmaw Language Award are:

Acadia – Joseph Jermey

Annapolis Valley – Louie-Joe Bevin Knockwood

Bear River – Shaine Pictou and Noah Pictou

Eskasoni ABMHS – Darla Denny

Eskasoni ESK – Andrew Denny

Paqtnkek – Brynnae Bear

Pictou Landing – Ethan Francis

Potlotek – Kylee Nicholas

Sipekne’katik – Phoebe Gehue

Wagmatcook – Keanna Pierro

We’koqma’q – Hayden Googoo