Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Staff Updates


Dave and Gloria have created a new support email for the MK SIS. In the event one of them is out of the office, a new support request will go to both of their emails to ensure a prompt response.
Please share with your staff to email ac.unik@troppus_siskm for any MK SIS related questions and concerns. 

**Please note: This new email will not replace the current support email at Dadavan. Staff can still email moc.navadad@troppus for any issues they may have. 


Brittany Fitzgerald was the winner of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Literacy Contest, she won an iPad, $150 Indigo gift card and $50 iTunes card. 

Story and Summit were super excited about their win!

Many of our smaller communities who do not have elementary schools, but do have K-4 learning centres and after school programming will be receiving a 7 grandfather teachings rug and some books to help build their reading spaces. We are still waiting for more books and a few more items such as seven teaching puppets and other surprises!

Mi’kmaw Language and Culture

Beverly Jeddore had the opportunity to deliver her language resources to ESK school this month!

Christmas Celebrations at MK

During the final week before Christmas our staff at MK celebrated by decorating our doors, having a cookie exchange, making some crafts and having a Christmas breakfast and gift exchange. It was a great week!