Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Department Updates

Mi’kmaw Language Update

The Mi’kmaw Language team has been working on several different projects this month. Yolanda Denny has been working on completing elders and teachers kits. There are still a few more items to be delivered so they aren’t completely ready to be delivered yet but we can’t wait to see the finished product!   Professional Development days have had to change because of the pandemic but she has been able to do small, in-school PD days with language teachers. These days have mostly been spent mostly gathering input for the teachers kits, sharing best practices, and discussing how they’ve had to adapt to teaching safely.

Alwyn Jeddore has completed his Waltes Video Project and this will be available for sharing within the coming weeks! Everyone is very excited for the release of this video. It will be available for anyone who would like to see the game being played and to help with learning how to count.

The L’nui’sultiek Valley project has had two successful meetings during the month of February. The participants from our communities of Acadia, Glooscap, Bear River and Annapolis Valley are really enjoying having the opportunity to interact virtually with each other and also to hear people speak fluent Mi’kmaw. There will be one more online session in March and the group is hopeful that they will be able to gather in-person sometime this spring to reflect on their experiences with the program and celebrate their learning.

Literacy Update

In early literacy, Sheila Gould introduced three classroom empathy dolls to three schools. These dolls are designed to elicit affection, trust and the natural caring instinct. They encourage eye contact and are soft and weighted. 

They all have Mi’kmaw names which were carefully chosen by their classroom teacher. The following are:  
Pelonik with the red bow is located at Elaine Denny’s grade primary classroom at EEMS.
A’n ji’j mekwe’litl saklo’pi’l aq eyk Angie Sa’n ek ESK.
Sutik with the pigtails is located at Janice Googoo’s grade 1 classroom at Maupeltuewey Kinaumuokuom. 

Sheila is excited to receive more names of the empathy dolls from the grades primary- two teachers at our schools.

Sheila is also pleased to announce the 4 recipients that are receiving an opportunity to build their own library in their classroom that will have an array of books that have a focus on Indigenous content and literacy support for their grade.

They are:
Ms. Claire grades P-6 teacher at Bear River First Nation school

Keith MacDonald grade 3-4 teacher at Mi’kmawey school

Karen Hotson grade 3-4 at Pictou Landing First Nation school

Bernadette Googoo grade 4 at We’koqma’q school.

Microphone systems for each classroom are currently being set up in Mi’kmawey, EEMS, ESK and We’koqma’q First Nation schools. Each system will provide clear, interference free voice transmission through wireless technology.
*There will be less voice strain on teachers and students.
* It’s an easy interactive communication stimulating the students and improving their understanding of the spoken word.

Technology Integration Update

Another group of teachers have begun the Apple Creative Series – they will be working as a team to come up with a technology project that will aid in teaching or learning at their schools. Two sessions of Brian Buffington presents “Buff Nuggets” were done February 20 for the upper level teachers and February 27 for the Elementary teachers. All enjoyed the PD and found many useful tips and ideas they can bring to their students. We’ve had 3 teachers claim “Tech Bounty” in the technology incentive program. Congratulations to Leanne Foster, Ashley Lahey and Holly Hudson. 


Our wellness webinar will take place on March 12th and the agenda can be found below and has also been posted on our website.