Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey Department Updates

Elementary Numeracy

Submitted by Kyla Bernard

I am very exited to share that this was my first time in the beautiful new school in PLFN. I had a full day PD session with their teachers on January 19/2021. One of the new resources in the classrooms is the new Mathology Little Books so we spent some time learning about the books, the teacher guides, and the Line Masters that come with this valuable resource. I would like to send out a big thank you to Sheila Gould, Elementary Literacy Consultant, for sending this resource to the schools. If any other school needs any support with new resources, I am more than happy to assist in any way.  I was also able to leave them with class sets of ten frames, number-lines, 100 charts, number-bonds and much more.  I am so happy to provide these resources and manipulatives to the students and teachers.  Thanks for having me Irene, Laura, Nadine, and Karen. It was a great day!

Mi’kmaw Language and Culture

The Red Road Project will be putting on a Winter Mawiomi during the month of February. As of right now, the event is planned as a virtual event. The Red Road Project is also available to help fund community cultural activities. If communities are interested in applying for funding under “Red Road Project Community Projects”, please email Michael R for more info, ac.unik@rleahcim

L’nuimk assessment training was provided to K4 – Grade 1 teachers this month. All teachers across the province in those grades have taken the training, which included learning about the new content in the oral language assessment.

A new pilot program will be offered starting next month for the communities of Bear River, Annapolis Valley, Glooscap and Acadia. A small number of participants from each community will take part in online sessions. The goal is to help the communities in the Valley area to make connections with each other and also to make connections with elders and knowledge holders from their area, while learning Mi’kmaw in small groups with fluent speakers. If the program goes well, there are plans to expand upon it in the future.

Miranda Bernard coordinated two ECE Curriculum Development training sessions with our Lesson Plan Developers during the month of January. The initial session was held on Saturday, Jan 23, 2021 and they were also provided with further training with the MK SIS on Saturday,Jan. 30th.