Master/Apprentice Program kicks off its second session

Some exciting news this month! The second session of the Master Apprentice Program kicked off in early October. Participants met for the first time in Membertou to review the outline of the program and discuss some expectations and goals.

Each learner was asked to reflect on why they applied to be a part of the program, their personal language journey, and their goal. Their responses were recorded and documented for future reflection.

During the first meeting participants received tips and handbooks to help them on their journey. They discussed some of the learning tips from Leanne Hinton, Professor of Linguistics and creator of the Master/Apprentice program, on how to be the most successful. Some of those tips include teaching in conversation, focus on listening and speaking instead of writing, leaving English behind, etc.

Participants each received an iPad with an iTunes account attached to download apps that will assist their learning during the program. They were also all invited to join a private Facebook page where they will have a forum to share with each other, ask questions or ask for guidance from their peers.

In advance of the October meeting, the Advisory group reviewed all of the applications and provided feedback on the scheduling, plans, etc. This feedback was given to the participants in Membertou to review and take into consideration when they create their learning plans.

During the next few months, the language learners will work with their teachers for 400 hours. They will have a whole group meeting part way through their learning journey and again at the end of their 400 hours.

This program has been made possible, in part, by a huge contribution from Canadian Heritage Aboriginal Languages Initiative.