Maple Tree Tapping at LSK school

We had some beautiful weather during the month of March and it was perfect for maple tree tapping. The cold nights and warm days made for perfect conditions to collect the sap.

The students from grades 5-8 were taken out on their new school trail by their teacher Greg Marr. Under the guidance and with the assistance of Roger Ward, they each chose a tree and drilled a hole to insert the spiles and attached their buckets. Over the next few days and weeks, they checked their buckets and were pleasantly surprised to find sap in them!

They collected it into a large bucket and began the boiling process. Even the younger students were excited to watch as the fire was built and the sap boiled down. One of the things the students learned is how much sap it takes to make syrup, and how long that process takes. For every 10 gallons of sap they collected, they only got 1 small bottle of syrup!

They are very excited to share the syrup with the rest of the school in the coming weeks because they have a pancake day planned!