L’nui’sultinej Kespukwitk 2019

In early April, a language retreat was held in Kespukwitk to celebrate the completion of the language classes taught by Beverly Jeddore throughout the year. All participants were invited to attend along with any interested community members in the hopes that the group will continue to grow.

The entire community was very impressed with how much Mi’kmaw the language learners were able to learn over the course of the year.

During the event, Daniel Paul spoke to the group about his books and shared some of the knowledge he has learned and Jane Meader shared her knowledge on culture and traditions.

Each of the participants was presented with the Mi’kmaw verb flash cards with voice support. They also received a USB containing all of the lessons that were covered over the year, including the songs recorded by Beverly Jeddore.

Everyone is looking forward to the start of another round of classes!