L’nu College Talks

On March 28 and 29, Education Directors, Native Employment Officers, Mi’kmaq scholars and academics gathered to discuss the possibility of creating an L’nu post-secondary institute in our region.

The purpose of this first session was to gather some feedback and ideas on what communities want and need from an L’nu College.

We have many students who enter university but not all are finishing their degree. Our leadership want’s to know why this is the case and what we can do to to support our students and communities.

We have been successful in getting students interested in post secondary education when they are young. Activities like the trades fair, post secondary tours, job fairs, etc. have encouraged the youth to think about their future.

We have also developed initiatives to support our students who are enrolled in Post Secondary institutions such as tutoring and having support on campus but we are still seeing our students struggle. 

“We see the L’nu College as an opportunity to support our students as they transition from high-school and navigate the Post-Secondary system,” said Ann Sylliboy, Post Secondary consultant for Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey.  “It’s not just about transitioning students into Post-Secondary but it is also a way to bring back the things we have lost over the years. It is a perfect way to bring back our traditional knowledge.”

Over the two-day event, questions around strengths and challenges were examined and many ideas were discussed.  Because this was just the initial session, there are plans to investigate the idea further in the future.