L’nu College Engagement Sessions

During the month of October, engagement sessions were scheduled with Education Directors and stakeholders from Mi’kmaq Communities across the Atlantic Provinces. Due to an increase in cases of Covid 19, the session that was scheduled to be held in New Brunswick had to be postponed until a later date but the sessions in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland were able to take place.

The l’nu college idea originated in 2010 because everyone agreed that there is a need to increase support for our Post-Secondary indigenous students. There is still a gap in performance rates for our l’nuk students in Post-Secondary Education and we need to find ways to address it.

There have been engagement sessions held in the past and through those sessions, they have an idea of what the big picture will look like. Now there is a need to develop a regional detailed plan on how to address needs for PSE students. 

The hope is that through this second round of regional engagement sessions, they will gain some clear ideas and support on how to move forward for program development.

During this session they discussed what the # 1 priority is for the strategy, what they recommend as first options for course development, the next steps that should be taken to develop the strategy, and the benefits of creating a network for Indigenous post secondary education in the region.

A report on the findings of these engagement sessions will be available in December 2020.