Jenita’simk and the Red Road Youth

Often times in education, we plan great activities for youth but with very little input from them. During the weekend of January 20 & 21, our future leaders, our Red Road youth, were invited to be part of the creation of something for their schools as they provided input into the curriculum framework of Jenita’simk or Mi’kmaw Mindfulness.  

Over the course of the weekend, the youth took part in several activities that were facilitated by Janean Marshall, Student Services Coordinator, their Red Road coordinators, Elders, and Breathing Space Yoga. These activities were a representation of things that youth could do to learn the practice of mindfulness to find stillness in their very busy lives. Our Red Road leaders that were able to participate are truly amazing youth that are gifted in so many ways. They took part in a smudging ceremony , a talking circle, a workshop on spirit and ceremony with Jane Meader and her daughters Paulina and Sinead. All of these were done with our Red road leaders Geordy Marshall and Tammy Bernard, Janean Marshall, our elders Lottie Johnson and Jane Meader, and Paulina and Sinead Meader. They did a Mindfulness workshop with Blair Abbass and had a clearing yoga practice with Jenny Keirstead form Breathing Space Yoga. They also had a planning session on mindfulness and the concept of Jenita’simk with Janean. The youth also took a clearing break to jump around at Get Air. All this after a very close call where our bus was struck with ice and could not go any further as the windshield caved in. A special thanks to Waycobah’s teacher and bus driver Rob Smith who’s quick thinking kept our kids safe and sound. 

“There will be a follow up session with them during their upcoming Eel camp to go a little deeper into Jenita’simk and pick their brains a bit more,” said Janean Marshall.  “After the weekend we realized that this was just scratching the surface of what this could do for them, they have tons of ideas to contribute to this project.” 

The youth who took part really loved the learning and the nurturing they received from our elders and presenters especially right before exam week.