Educators Translate Robert Munsch Books for Mi’kmaq Students

An advisory committee of MK educators has translated seven Robert Munsch books into the Mi’kmaq language. The books will be distributed to students in every MK community.

The seven translated books are Thomas’ Snowsuit, Love You Forever, Mud Puddle, I Have To Go, I’m So Embarrassed, Andrew’s Loose Tooth, and A Promise is a Promise.

An advisory committee made up of Mi’kmaq language and literacy specialists from every MK community has worked on the translations for the past year, ensuring correct Mi’kmaq translation and that the messaging and presentation still properly represents Robert Munsch.

Janice Ciavaglia, MK Literacy Consultant, said they wanted to bring stories into the classroom that many students remember from their childhood.

MK Mi’kmaq Language Coordinator Blaire Gould agreed, but said the number of books published in Mi’kmaw was limited, especially children’s books.

“It’s important to make connections between English and Mi’kmaq when you’re young, and Robert Munsch’s iconic books jumped out at us as the perfect opportunity to build that bridge,” said Gould.

Along with the books, teachers will receive a lesson plan and a CD of the Mi’kmaq readings.

“Not all teachers in our schools are proficient in Mi’kmaq, but that shouldn’t stop our students from being able to learn in their language,” said Ciavaglia. “These readings and lesson plans will be a valuable resource for both teachers and students in the classroom for years to come.”

The project was funded through the Education Partnership Program and Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey.

Eastern Woodland Publishing is publishing the five hundred copies of each book, as well as the 150 lesson plans. They will be distributed in May. 

Advisory committee members: Elizabeth Paul and Barbara Sylliboy (translators), Jane Meader, Phyllis Googoo, Josephine Peck, Maynard Marshall, Rosemary Marshall, Jacqueline Sullivan, Jackie Alex, Curtis Michael, Goldie Simon, Rose Meuse, Melanie Robinson, Yolanda Denny, Blaire Gould.

Lesson plan committee: Blaire Gould, Ann Landry, Brittany Fitzgerald, Angela Maloney, Kyla Bernard, Corinne Phillips, Janice Ciavaglia, Darlene Gillis, Ambrah MacNeil, Yolanda Denny, Jane Meader, Barbara Joe, Fran Young, Josephine Googoo.