Academic Services update


Mrs. Patterson grade 2 classroom at EEMS are enjoying the Play and Learn app in their classroom.  Students are engaged with mathematics that covers many topics in grade 2 such as, pictographs, addition and subtraction, place-value, measurement, geometry, & patterning.  The interactive IOS app also includes teacher tools ready to use.   The primary classroom at Membertou Elementary is also reporting excellent feedback using the same app.  

The Aliet Math team has been very busy developing activities and working closely with Apple to put it all together.  We have been able to test and interact with some of the ideas and they are fun, engaging and connect to curricular outcomes, as well as mathematical processes.  Thanks to Kim in our tech department at MK for putting some math activities in See-Saw. After some collaboration with the Primary teacher at EEMS its nice to see the lessons ready to be used and assigned to students in P-1. Under School and District you will find the activities named: Cookies, 10 bears in the bed, & add one subtract one activities.  With schools being shutdown in the province you will find great math activities in seesaw ready to be used with your students for at home learning.  
Some Suggested Math Apps List for elementary grades:
Math Seeds Play and Learn K 
Math Seeds Play and Learn 1
Math Slide tens & ones 
Geoboard, by the math learning center

Number rack, by the math learning center  (manipulative Rekenrek)

Number frames, by the math learning center   (five, and ten frames etc.)

Number pieces basic, by the math learning center

Number Pieces, by the math learning center   (this apps has base 10 rods, flats etc.)

Number line, by the math learning center

Pattern Shapes by the math learning center.

Bob Crane has been hosting PLC’s with teachers from Potlotek, ABMHS and EEMS over the past month and has plans to continue to support our math teachers across the province as needed and upon request.


Sheila Gould had the opportunity to deliver classroom resources to many of our communities this past month. The feedback from teachers has been very positive!


A Facebook contest is being held during the next few weeks in order to encourage people to go outside and stay active. The contest is open to everyone ad there is a chance to win a great prize!


There are some new features on MK SIS that parents can access.