2014 MK Summer Reading Program

Plans are underway for the MK Summer Reading Program’s second summer, and we’re looking for communities to be hosts. Launched in the summer of 2013, the 6-week Reading Program is a new literacy initiative encouraging students to read outside of school, lead by MK Literacy Programs Coordinator, Rebecca Scirocco-Paul.

“We want students to maintain their reading levels and possibly increase their reading levels for the next school year,” says Scirocco-Paul. “We had an excellent turnout in both communities and received lots of positive feedback from parents.”

What they had to say:

“I love when they come home telling me that their teacher always compliments them on their reading and writing skills, and that they are on this level, or that they went up a level. It really makes me proud of their accomplishments. When you sit there listening to your child read to you unassisted, it feels like magic.”

“I think it was valuable for the children having this reading program over the summer. I know personally it helped with my girls. My girls continue to read and one of my daughters went up 2 levels just over the Christmas break.”

“I thought the summer reading program was very valuable to my children and it helped them excel in reading. They didn’t have a hard time transitioning back into school after the summer like previous years. I feel that the reading program helped instill in them a love for reading.”

Communities interested in hosting this year’s program are encouraged to contact Rebecca at ac.unik@acceber or 902-567-0336.