Red Road Mawio'mi
On Saturday March 20th, the Red Road Project held a Mawio’mi and virtual Powwow. The event, which was held in Halifax for participants who pre-registered, was also open to everyone…
Maple Tree Tapping at LSK school
We had some beautiful weather during the month of March and it was perfect for maple tree tapping. The cold nights and warm days made for perfect conditions to collect…
School and community news - Potlotek
Students in Potlotek have had the opportunity to take part in many land based learning activities this winter and spring. Some of the activities that the students have taken part…
School and community news - LSK
This month at LSK, the students had the opportunity to check out the new trail outside their school that is almost completed. They sure are going to get a lot…
School and community news - ABMHS
This month at ABMHS, students from Child Studies 11 have had the opportunity to make a ribbon skirt, vest, or a baby blanket.  They were provided with materials, the sewing…
Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey Department Updates
Mi’kmaw Language and Culture Over the winter months, the language and culture team began a new language opportunity called L’nuisultiek Valley. The idea behind the program is that participants from…
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