On Your Mark, Get set, Go! 2015 Aboriginal Track and Field!

Teams from many N.S. Mi’kmaw communities turned out for this year’s N.S. Schools’ Aboriginal Track & Field and Special Olympics on May 26 & 27 in Stellarton. 

Students raced in the 60m, 100m, 200m, 1500m and relay races. They also took part in the long jump, softball throw and shot put. 

Due to inclement weather on day one, some students were only able to compete in one event before it was postponed to a later date. That didn’t stop the young athletes from giving their all despite the downpour! 

There were attempts to reschedule but with so many other events taking place in June, it was not possible to find a suitable date for all schools. Hopefully the weather next year will be a little more cooperative! 


Thanks to our coaches, teachers, volunteers and students for their hard work and dedication to the sport all year!


Results- Bantam, Midget, Junior





Bantam Boys 100m

Gerald Marshall-WAY 12:58

Sonny Christmas-MB2 12:61

Dorrian Paul-LSK 14:03

Bantam Girls 100m

Alayah Jeddore-ESK 14:40

Destiny Francis-PL 14:69

Janissa Sylliboy- PAQ 15:02

Special Olympics

Nolan Denny - ESK



Midget Boys 100m

Ronald Dennis-ESK 12:31

Camiel Marr-LSK 12:62

Rylan Bernard-ESK 13:00

Midget Girls 100m

Brody Paul-PL 14:40

Cassidy Laporte-MB2 14:45

Arianna Denny-ESK 14:93

Junior Boys 100m

Arden Bernard-AB 12:03

Dan K. Stevens-AB 12:05

Bryant Nevin-LSK 15:62

Junior Girls 100m

Tahnys Paul-AB 14:76

Raven Elwell-AB 14:88


Bantam Boys 200m

Kyson Christmas-ESK 27:62

Gerald Marshall-WAY 28:97

Sonny Christmas-MB2 28:99

Bantam Girls 200m

Skye Young-ESK 30:28

Ney Stevens-ESK 33:41

Kiki Laporte-MB2 35:61

Midget Boys 200m

Derek Lewis-ESK 26:00

Kevin Christmas-ESK 26:40

Camiel Marr-LSK 28:09

Midget Girls 200m

Kalolin Johnson-AB 31:00

Sarah Prosper-ESK 31:79

Cassidy Laporte-MB2 32:53

Junior Boys 200m

Alex Denny-AB 26:03

Dan K. Stevens-AB 28:11

Jonah Johnson AB 32:07






Bantam Boys 1500m

Sonny Christmas-MB2 6:06:72

Dante Basque MB2– 6:41:65

Josiah Pratt – PL 9:07

Bantam Girls 1500m

Skye Young-ESK 6:31:47

Destiny Francis-PL 6:38:40

Alayah Jeddore- ESK 7:05

Midget Boys 1500m

Kevin Christmas-ESK 5:36:96

Rylan Bernard-ESK 6:17:56

Camiel Marr-LSK 6:18

Midget Girls 1500m

Tayla Paul-AB 7:20:08

Brody Paul-PL 7:21:20

Sarah Prosper-ESK 7:35

Junior Boys 1500m

Alex Denny-AB 5:38:67

Dan K. Stevens-AB 5:40:37

Dwight Francis-AB6:03:55

Junior Girls 1500m

Raven Elwell-AB 8:29:81

Rezny Dennis-AB 8:49


Bantam Boys 4X100m




Midget Boys 4X100m




Midget Girls 4X100m




Bantam Boys Long Jump

Dante Isadore-WAG 4.33

Kyson Christmas-ESK 4.30

Misel Grier-LSK 3.89

Bantam Girls Long Jump

Trinity Ashawasagai-PAQ 3.76

Kiki Laporte-MB2 3.30

Janessa Sylliboy-PAQ 3.25

Midget Boys Long Jump

Camiel Marr-LSK 4.87

Ronald Dennis-ESK 4.72

Derek Lewis-ESK 4.23

Midget Girls Long Jump

Arianna Denny-ESK 3.84

Tayla Paul-AB 3.74

Sarah Prosper-ESK 3.

Junior Boys Long Jump

Alex Denny-AB 4.46

Dwight Francis-AB 4.02

Dan K. Stevens-AB 3.90

Junior Girls Long Jump

Raven Elwell-AB 3.74

Tahnyss Paul-AB 3.63

Raylene Nicholas-AB 2.26

Bantam Boys Shotput

Roger Googoo-WAY 27’11.5”

Josiah Pratt-PL 27’6”

Omar Gould-ESK 24’10.5”

Bantam Girls Shotput

Trinity Ashawasagai-PAQ 24’11.5”

Sierra Julian-PAQ 24’1.5”

Brady Christmas-MB2 19’6.5”

Midget Boys Shotput

Cody Julian-LSK 28’6.5”

Deven Bernard-WAY 26’

Rylan Bernard-ESK 25’9”

Midget Girls Shotput

Kalolin Johnson-AB 26’3.5”

Tayla Paul-AB 25’5.5”

Cassidy Laporte-MB2 22’5.5

Junior Boys Shotput

Dwight Francis-AB 34’6.5”

Arden Bernard-AB 30’9.5”

Ethan Paul-LSK 26’.5”

Junior Girls Shotput

Tahnyss Paul-AB 21’10.5”

Raylene Nicholas-AB 21’1.5”

Raven Elwell-AB 19’6.5”