Corporate Services

Finance and Planning

Finance and Planning oversees the management of the budgeting, accounting, internal control, financial reporting, procurement services, and human resource management functions of the organization. The Director of Finance and Planning plays an active role in negotiating and serving on committees at all levels of government. The Director also leads the strategic and operational planning exercise for MK, administers all grants and other financial contributions to communities, and manages MK's capital program.


MK Communications provides a complete range of professional communications services to Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey and its communities. 

The Communications Coordinator edits and issues media releases and advisories on behalf of MK and its communities, and manages the organization's social media presence. The CC provides logistical and communication support for news conferences, special events, and legislative briefings.

MK Communications provides support services to all areas of MK to help share their programs and initiatives with our communities. The CC provides media relations, issues management, news releases, and speeches. The CC plans, develops and implements marketing communication strategies to support organizational initiatives. 

MK Communications provides visual communication expertise including editorial services, exhibits and displays, signage, branding, multimedia, and photography services for use in print, websites and videoconference.  

The CC manages web communications, including the design, development and management of The CC oversees as aspects of internal and external communications, including Annual Report, Na'teliaq Newsletter, sponsorship opportunities, advertising, and branding.